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Company Profile

Danalex Corporation is a premier Graphic Arts, Web Design, Software Development Company originally based in Honolulu, Hawaii and Las Vegas, Nevada and now operating in Baguio City, Philippines. We have been in the business for seventeen (17) years providing the most effective website, graphic tools and system management to assist our clients for their businesses’ success. We provide creative solutions to enhance the virtual experience of our clients’ customers that ultimately lead to increased revenue or profits. We design on the best web design practices including interactive websites, standard compliant XHTML websites, dynamic database-driven e-commerce websites, web application, private and government systems development and other IT services.

To be a preferred and excellent IT company in Northern and Central Luzon.

Danalex Corporation is dedicated to provide excellent customer service that serves a link between our clients and their customers, at the same time, develop and customize the finest designs and concepts at a reasonable price.