Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing is the creation of visual displays of ideas and information using the computer and software. This technology allows individuals, businesses, and other organizations to self-publish a wide range of printed matter. 

Desktop publishing documents may be for desktop or commercial printing or electronic distribution including PDF, slide shows, email newsletters, e-publication, and the Web. 

Desktop publishing can be:

  • Designing print communications such as brochures, fliers, ads, catalogs and posters
  • Designing logos, business cards, letterhead, newsletters, magazines, and booklets
  • Converting print communications to formats for the Web and smart devices such as tablets and smart phones
  • Creating resumes and business forms including invoices, inventory sheets, memos, and labels
  • Self-publishing such as books, newsletters and ebooks
  • Designing slides shows, presentations, and printing handouts
  • Creating and printing greeting cards, banners and postcards
  • Creating decorative labels, envelopes, trading cards, calendars, and charts
  • Designing store signs, highway signs, and billboards