Graphic Arts

Our graphic arts services

Is an applied in virtually every organization and we are bringing it to you. There are virtually no limits to the size and applications of our graphic design services we provide. We apply our services to static printed media, such as books, t-shirts, indoor/ outdoor signs, magazines and brochures. We also dive in and apply our skills in the virtual world of the internet, such as Flash animation, animated logos, banner ads, user interface and icons. Our process involves the utility of typography, image development and page layout to communicate visually, present information and promote a message. 

Logo Design

A logo is an iconic symbol designed to represent a company, organization, product, service, and sometimes certain places. A logo is not just an image, it is the embodiment of a company and it represent any organization or entity, not just corporations. 

Danalex Corporation can help you achieve a suiting logo for your company or product. We apply our traditional and digital skills to provide you a logo you can be proud of. We utilize Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw programs for submission to printers as well as preserve the logos for times to come.